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As an interim manager, I am called in when a change is blocked and a project is not progressing, or when a new project comes to a standstill.

Leading change processes

  • Managing operations that have to deliver on a daily basis and need change

  • Managing transformation programs across multiple units and countries

  • Rescue of complex IT and business process re-engineering projects

Development of internal start-ups

  • The selection and promotion of the internal start-up team as entrepreneurs in their own company

  • The tenacious  daily management work until the proof of concept is produced

  • The sustainable transfer of responsibility to the talents in your own company


In decisive moments of change, more management capacity is needed at the top. This is where I provide you with more management power through my leadership work and am available as a sparring partner in the strategy process

As a consultant putting plans and strategies on paper

  • Moving from vision to strategic plan takes time and ties up resources

  • However, with good communication and a master plan you will gain time in the implementation

  • I like to incorporate my experience of how much formalism is too much and how much is too little

Implement strategic projects with program management

  • Translating change programs in all their complexity into action plans

  • Stubbornly frittering away  the implementation in every detail and always keeping an eye on the big picture

  • Roll road blocks aside using the knowledge and experience of a general manager

Standing Meeting


Your team has the potential to compete. As a coach or trainer, I am  the catalyst that transforms this potential into competence and performance.

Improve leadership competence in coaching

  • Targeted coaching on-the-job is the most effective measure to strengthen the leadership potential of employees

  • Identify difficult management tasks in advance, use proven procedures in a targeted  manner and reflect them promptly in coaching

  • Developing the corporate culture for the implementation of operational excellence

Increase professional competence through training

  • Using state-of-the-art expertise in Lean and Continuous Improvement to streamline operations and optimize the supply chain

  • Securing delivery capability and reducing working capital through value chain management

  • Increase process capability and offer consistent quality with Six Sigma

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