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How can you successfully transform your business?

Your company, business unit or processing organization is exposed to strong external changes:

  • New technologies enable a radically improved customer offer, but only if you participate

  • New competitors offer faster and cheaper service

  • New legal requirements force adjustments to your execution system

Your team consists of excellent experts who function like a clockwork in the current mode. But how can these be converted into a radically different business model? Build the new model from the existing one, with your own organization, vision and leadership. In the demanding transformation, Dittmann Organizational Development supports you from the outside until the new clockwork runs smoothly again:

  • As an interim manager, with real responsibility to establish the new corporate culture in the long term

  • As a coach to make your own managers fit for change

  • As a consultant to lead the overall concept with the new and the existing model into a successful future

As an experienced industry manager, program and project manager, I know the challenges of change management and the hurdles that have to be overcome. Together with the talents in your company, we will implement a successful transformation so that your company can face the future with new strength.


The term VUCA has recently found its way into management vocabulary. We live in an environment that is characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity - VUCA for short. This pressure from the outside forces a change in the company. However, most business units and processing organizations are trimmed for efficiency and performance, which means that there are more leaders of the “worker” type than the “converter” type in the company.

A solution here could be the impulse from the outside with simultaneous formal demarcation of the new system. Build a start-up in the company and bridge the period - freeze, unfreeze, freeze - with an outside interim manager. The most promising is the combination of several targeted external elements:

  • Interim management in order to responsibly shape the cultural change through the line organization proactively

  • Consulting, in order to professionally document the overall concept in an adequate way as a vision, implementation plan and employee communication

  • Coaching to take leadership talents and well-deserved specialists with you on the transformation

Use the support of an experienced change manager in a carefully calibrated dose to successfully transform your organization and be prepared for the long-term future.


It is in the nature of man that he tries to solve problems with the means that have led him to success over the years. If there is a new, larger problem on which the usual solution method fails, the “bigger ax” is simply taken out as a consequence. This may or may not be the solution. The higher the stress level, the more likely that you will be deeply engrossed in this topic. The same goes for entire organizations.

Thinking out-of-the-box is a common word and easy to say. But are you really using outside impulses to achieve just that? Dittmann Organizational Development offers a range of solutions in the area of consultants:

  • Moderated problem-solving process in order to leave familiar thought patterns with the experts and to adopt a new perspective

  • Documentation and analysis of the numbers, data, facts by an external person

  • Introduction of benchmark methods by an experienced expert

So that you really untie the Gordian knot.

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